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I remember as a kid I loved microphones or their imaginary counterparts. Hairbrushes. Toothbrush cases. Whatever my imagination could use to amplify my voice was the perfect mic. Since childhood I’ve not only used microphones on a regular basis, I’ve even owned several. An AKG 535. A Neumann TLM 103. And some other ones along the way, but those were the two that made me feel the coolest. Sometimes I was talking. Sometimes I was singing. I don’t have a very long resume in these areas, but I’ve had my fair share of “mic time,” and it was all under the goal of being heard. I had something to say.

Over the years I have also used different blog formats to say some things. Some of the writing was profound, but most of it was not. But more than anything it forced me to sit and think and act on what I was processing at the time and writing was great therapy for me.

I remember in January the biggest concerns people had going into the year 2020 were to heed the warning to write out fully, 2020, otherwise people could alter the date on official documents or checks and it could hurt you in the long run. I had some ideas and goals for what I thought this year would look like. And little did 7.8 billion of us know at the time that our entire planet would experience a great attention grabber through a pandemic.

I normally grow tired of everyone having something to say about everything. Over the last few years, I have come to describe Facebook as the world’s largest ‘Complaint Department.’ It seems the global population of Facebook has a thought on what should or should not be done and who should do it and who is so evil they should never do it…about everything.

I really do not mean to be another voice in a sea of voices of explanations. Correction. Make that a “turbulent sea of voices.” That feels more accurate. I just feel like I should say something. Like all those times I had a microphone and had something to say or something to be heard, here’s another plot of internet real estate that I will try to cultivate into something worth visiting.

In the past, I set goals for frequency in blogging. I think I just want to set a goal now to say something worth listening to. But if it’s just me and my mom reading, I’m ok with that too.

I just felt like I should say something!

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1 comment

Kerry & Richard Cherry April 3, 2020 - 11:25 pm

Love this, Jon! Makes me want to sit down with you and just talk! Reminisce about your past in Q, and what all happened in between. Maybe one day. 🙂


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